WL Toys Car- The Better Version Of RC Cars

RC cars are now available in their better versions called the WLtoys car that comes with upgraded features and a lot of speed. In this category, the WLtoys A959-the off-road buggy deserves special mention. It stands by the side of its users on almost any field the user chooses. It comes with a 4-wheel drive mechanism and is highly durable serving as the perfect fit for conquering grass, sand or mud. And yes, it drives until 50 km/hr.

WL Toys Car-

WLToys A959- Product Description

The WLtoys A959 comes completely assembled in a neat and compact packaging. The contents of the package box include the WLtoys car, 1400mah battery, transmitter, user guide and charger. So, there is everything that you need to get going. All the parts are quite good and they come straight from the factory. The screws are all tight and the shocks have also been set up very well. Users are sure to get impressed by the stoutness and the sturdiness of all the important components of this off-road buggy. The layout and the structure of this buggy is true shaft driven setting featuring a motor on the rear side and a shaft that takes power to its wheels. It is to be noted that dog bones have been used for transferring power to the wheels from the diffs

Important Features of the A959

Some of the noteworthy features of the A959 include:

  • Design- The A959 has been designed in the form of an off-road buggy. It features studded tires and large wheels and is perfectly suited for racing at any kind of filed.
  • Dynamic Driving- Because of its amazing 4-wheel drive mechanism and high-end suspension, the A959 is unstoppable. There is no other RC car that can challenge this off-road buggy for its dynamic driving.
  • Crash resistant- One of the best things about the A959 is that it is crash resistant. Its bumper frame and large wheels make it crash resistant.
  • The vehicle is controlled by a servo rudder for ensuring stable flight outdoors.
  • The professional transmitter have mass car control parameters.
  • The 4-wheel drive mechanism offers maximum speed, stopping power and acceleration.
  • The responsive and efficient steering system makes way for amazing cornering.
  • Vivid design of the A959 offers kids a sense of driving or controlling an original airplane.
  • Proportional precision helps in controlling with pinion and rack steering.
  • The super smooth gear box helps users in maneuvering like original car.

Thus, there can be absolutely no suspicion in the fact that the all new A959 is the best seller when it comes to getting RC cars in the market.

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