What to Look for in a Personal Trainer

When you are looking for a personal trainer who can motivate you and help you reach your goals there are a few things you should consider. For one the trainer needs to be likeable and have your respect. This will allow them to properly motivate you when the going gets tough. It’s also a good idea to make sure you are comfortable with their level of certification. Take the time to do some research when looking for a personal trainer by typing the business name into a search engine such as Google or checking out local directories for customer feedback. Referrals from friends is even better if you know anyone using a personal trainer they would happily recommend.



When you are going to be working with a personal trainer for a significant amount of time, you want to be sure you have a connection with the person. Your PT should feel like a close friend who you can confide your weight loss desires and goals without fear of ridicule. Determine in advance the type of person you are looking for before you even consider their qualifications because you can hire the absolute best qualified trainer in the country, but if their personality stinks you will find the person difficult to work with and as a result your progress will suffer. Once you know the type of person that you are looking for in a personal trainer you can look more closely at their qualifications. Whether you want a male or female, or a trainer who is strict or laid back, find one that matches your personality and you will be in the best position to see some significant results or weight loss. This may take several trial runs with a number of personal trainers until you find one that suits your style.




One of the biggest keys to seeing results with your weight loss regime is that your new trainer has some experience. No two clients are exactly the same, and the trainer should have worked with people of all shapes and sizes and levels of fitness. It’s important to keep a balanced approach however and understand that the younger your personal trainer the most recent training they will have had and as we know in the fitness industry new training techniques and nutritional information is becoming available all the time.

Your new personal trainer should be able to quickly identify the pace that you are most comfortable with and build the relationship off of those parameters. When meeting with your new trainer and they perform the initial assessment of your body, you can express to them clearly your physical fitness goals.


Your new personal trainer will be with you in the gym but not with you when you are working out at home or on the road. You should be able to communicate with your trainer over the phone and discuss issues that are affecting your training.

Finding the right trainer will provide you with answers that you need whether you are with them in the gym or away traveling with work.

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