Singapore Property Stocks Jump As Big Sales Buoy Sentiment

The real estate community in Singapore has seen investment kind of slow down and taper off in the last few years, especially as the Singapore government has established a couple of different rules, regulations, and policies to curb growth and slow down the explosion in property values that Singapore had been experiencing in the mid-2000’s.

These kinds of initiatives were done to better protect and insulate Singapore against the Great Recession that swept the global economy during the mid-2000’s, the same Great Recession that put the American economy into a tailspin and cause property prices, values, and rates to plummet through the ground.

Today, however, real estate investors, developers, and shareholders of companies that offer Singapore property stocks are in a much better mood, as major sales and new development plans are helping to accelerate the property market throughout Singapore – offering a unique investment opportunity for those already in the game as well as those that are looking to ride the wave.

New redevelopment deals are occurring throughout Singapore, with groups of owners banding together to sell apartment blocks across Singapore at a significant premium. Chinese developers are pouring money into Singapore left and right, and a recent purchase order of the Normanton Park 488 unit apartment complex in Singapore has come in at a total figure just south of $850 million.

Another group of Chinese developers have already placed in a purchase order for the Amber Park apartment complex, this one coming in at a whopping $900 million – and this is only just the tip of the iceberg!

Investors are very bullish on the new opportunities that the Singapore property and property stock investment vehicles provide, and many expecting an increase of anywhere between 4.3% and 6% or more growth in both of these key areas before the end of 2017.

Real estate redevelopment deals have topped $5 billion this year, which is the most amount of money being thrown around in the real estate redevelopment of Singapore in more than 10 years. Singapore is still quite a ways away from the previous high watermark of redevelopment funding of 2007 when $11.5 billion worth of real estate development was going on, but we are still seeing exponential growth unlike anything we have seen since that record-breaking year.

Housing prices are on the rise thanks to this major new influx of investments and capital into redevelopment projects, with house values rising for the very first time in three years. That this is all part of the economic initiative that we highlighted above, driven by the Singapore government, which seems to have “taken their hands off of the wheel” a little bit and allowed the market to dictate the values of Singapore homes and properties once again.

The world of real estate is always cyclical, however, with the ups and downs, ebbs and flows, and systemic changes that can be rather difficult to anticipate or predict. Singapore, however, has done a fantastic job at weathering the same kinds of storms that have wrecked property markets all over the rest of the world and we expect them to continue to do the same moving forward.

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