Of Loaded Pockets: World’s Uber Luxurious Vacation Destinations

Passion has no limits. Well, if you get an estimate about the amount of money that some avid travellers keep aside every year, simply as “travel-budget”, then you’ll actually agree to the very first line put here. To do justice to the passion and love for travel of the travel junkies around the world, some destinations on the Earth dole out each and every bit of luxurious experience, that not every average income traveller can afford. So if you know someone who shelled out a whopping crore and more simply for a trip to Bora Bora and its neighboring locales, then don’t be surprised. These exotic and utter expensive destinations surely are head-spinning!

Without much ado, we churn out a list of some of the world’s most exotic and expensive vacation destinations. In case you have the money, the will, and of course, the love for travel, then bookmark this list, right away!

Dubai 1

  1. Dubai, UAE

This Middle Eastern hotspot has turned into a veritable mecca of advanced overabundance which, obviously, has made it mainstream with voyagers who have surplus amount of money to burn. Financed by oil riches, Dubai was planned by the rich for the rich. From man-made islands to the stunning Burj Al Arab, and other sky soaring towers, Dubai is all about spinning your cash, as much as possible. So, in case you’re a budget traveller, then instead of looking for the Mumbai to Dubai flights price, better steer clear of this option, buddy!  oslo_norway

  1. Oslo, Norway

The prices in Oslo, perhaps, are staggeringly high, yet they’re predictable and consistent. This capital city of Norway has clutched the primary spot on the UBS Prices and Earnings report’s most costly rundown since 2006. What’s more, it’s not simply the hotels here that drill the traveller’s pocket, but according to tourists, a jug of water here costs $8 USD on an average. Even if you go in the off seasons here, you might not be able to restrain from spending more than you can afford in Oslo. Don’t say now that we didn’t warn!  Bora Bora French Polynesia

  1. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

This looker in French Polynesia, literally has drilled holes in numerous guests’ pockets. Despite the fact that the island is breathtakingly beautiful, and offers a posh experience, an average night on the island will cost you at least $800! Need we say more? Moreover, there is a tad issue of accessibility here since the airfare to the center of the South Pacific isn’t precisely cheap. Still, Bora Bora pulls in many top of the line superstars, business and political magnates. Suits them better, unless, you are someone of the same class!   tokyo Japan

  1. Tokyo, Japan

Like Singapore, Japan has weathered the worldwide financial emergency pretty well and that too in two years! Despite the fact that tourists here can discover a plethora of choices to fill their tummies with sumptuous food, a decent hotel in Tokyo will chomp off a good amount of cash from your pocket. However, 2011’s earthquakes did some real damage to the cost indexes here. So, maybe some respite for the enthusiastic travellers, no?


  1. New York City, USA

With prices starting from $730 a night for a classy hotel, and the normal cost for a mid-range lodging being $350, NYC is not a spot for the traveller on a shoestring budget, of course, unless you can risk staying in a shabby arrangement, in the risky downtown areas. Given that NYC is home to a $1,000 sundae and a steak, that will cost you the same as your lodging, it’s not really astonishing to hear that the city that represents America, additionally represents American swank.

Now decide for yourself, of course, taking in consideration your budget and future plans. If money is the last concern in your mind, and your only love in life is travelling, then don’t wait or hesitate and straight away head to one of these heavenly places. Dreams resemble these, literally!

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