Marvellous Mornings For The Commuting Mum

Starting and finishing your working day with an exhausting commute can be quite a challenge. However, in this competitive work market it’s necessary to travel to where the jobs are, so we rarely have a lot of choice.

Making the best of a bad situation we can’t change is always the best way forward. So, if you are a busy, stressed out Mum trying to keep her sanity in a mad world, here are some tips for easing the pressure…


You are not alone

As you strap-hang on the tube, sardined against a thousand other sweaty, irritable commuters, this is perhaps stating the obvious – but the fact that there are others suffering the same irritations of the daily commute should offer some small comfort. There is a certain camaraderie that develops amongst commuters, especially those who get on at the same train, tube or bus station each morning, a familiarity that breeds a certain shared solidarity and understanding. Commuting can be hell, but reminding yourself that millions of others the world over go through the same thing on a daily basis and survive, should help stiffen your resolve. On average we spend a whopping two hundred hours commuting every year. That’s the equivalent to a whole twenty-five days – it’s a long time to be miserable, so it’s good to work out strategies for cheerful travel. Smile a lot when on public transport, people will either think you are unhinged and give you extra space, or they’ll smile back – it’s a win win.

Get support

One of the secrets to a smooth commute is good organisation at home. If everything runs like clockwork on the domestic front, you can step onto the train feeling 100 per cent less stressed. Packed lunches for the kids, laundered sports kits, homework help and all the other stuff parents are expected to magically make happen, should all be dealt with the night before. One of the most stressful morning scenarios for working parents is when children are sick or when office schedules change and parents have to go in early or work late – in these situations there must be a reliable support network in place. In London many working parents find a nanny firm such as RockMyBaby ideal for providing tailor made childcare service which dovetails perfectly with family life. With London-wide coverage and professionally qualified, vetted staff, RockMyBaby cures the childcare headaches of many working mums in the capital.

Making it bearable

With the development of smart-phones, i-pads, mp3s and other personal digital devices, it is easier to become absorbed in another world during the commute. Whether that’s reading the news, a novel, games, listening to a favourite radio programme, even learning a language, the diversions are certainly more varied.  With the BBC i-player, you can download TV programmes to watch later, so you can catch up with your soaps or watch your favourite documentaries on the way to work.

Music is the perfect escape on cold dreary mornings, so put together some interesting play-lists that lift your mood and make you feel positive and energised. Equally, soothing play-lists that help you unwind at the end of the day will enhance your return journey. Music influences our mood enormously so a variety of tunes designed for different situations makes a great way of limiting the negative influences of commuting.

Travel smart

Feel less tired at the end of the day by minimising effort. If there are lots of walking and stairs involved, it’s a good idea to wear comfortable flatties on the commute, changing into office heels once you arrive. Work out the best part of the platform to get onto the train to minimise your walk at the other end. There are smart phone apps which will tell you which door to get on at on the platform – try the Station Master app out for size – it could speed up and de-stress your commute in a simple but effective way.

Park the coffee

Many people crave the caffeine hit that coffee provides in the mornings, to kick start their systems. This is habit that can be broken. The problem with coffee is that after that initial caffeine rush, you get a crash – and that leaves you feeling flat and jaded. Try alternative healthy and energising drinks such as Hot Mocha with almond milk honey and cinnamon, hot water with lemon or green, white or red tea.

Commuting is never going to be heaven, but it doesn’t have to be hell either. If you make a few changes, alter some habits and approach things differently, time spent commuting could be time spent wisely…

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