Lucknow – The City Preserving Its Charm Through Past And Present

Lucknow is a city widely known for its historical heritage. A city popular since the time of the Mughals, its rich culture and tradition triggers the curiosity of people to venture to this city and explore and experience this magnificent city with their own eyes. This articles guides the traveller on the things to do on their visit to the city.


Lucknow is a popular city and for a long time was at the heart of North Indian society. It is the heart of the workmanship, food, move, society and music of Northern India. This capital city of Uttar Pradesh, flourishes along the banks of Gomti waterway. The city got to be known as a middle for Urdu verse and cultured vicinity and expression, being the origination and city of habitation for some artists.

There are many reasons why you should visit Lucknow. Not only is it a historically important city, it is to this date one of the most important cities in India. It is one of the most politically powerful city and also one of the most developed city. During your visit there you can make your stay at one of the Oyo rooms Lucknow. While budget friendly hotels are scattered all across the city, you will find the luxurious star hotels towards the newer and more developed area of Lucknow. There are many places to to visit in Lucknow, however, a proper transportation arrangement prior to your sightseeing spree is advised. Local transports are surely available in plenty but it is advisable to hire a cab via a mobile app because the distance of these places of interest are very vast which could pose a problem when you try to negotiate the fare with the local driver especially more if you are a tourist.

Listed below are some things you should do or give a try at during your visit and stay at Lucknow.

Visit the Bhool Bhulaiya – An impressive tomb complex built in 1783, stands tall and large in the city of Lucknow. This is probably the first place visitors end up to. This tomb represents beautiful Mughal architecture with an interesting labyrinth.

See both the old and new side of the city – The old and the new part of the city can be differentiated by a plain sight. The older part of the city see a good number of old ruins and monuments centuries old, still standing and preserved to this day. The newer part of the city has more modern infrastructure and parks with a perfect blend of concrete laying, tall skyscrapers and flyovers fully lit up at night.

Experience and witness performing arts – Lucknow is the place where the famous Indian classical dance ‘Kathak’ originated from. Art, music and dance goes a long way back in Lucknow, from the time of the Mughal rule. Take time out and buy a ticket to some screening of live performing art.

Visit the local markets – Malls and shopping complexes selling branded and designer wears is something you will find in every city but the local markets and street shopping experience is different in every city, every state. Visit the local markets like Aminabad market and Hazratganj market and buy some local handicrafts and Chikan (hand embroidered clothes) to take back as a souvenir from your trip.

Gorge on the food – Lucknow is a food paradise and foodie or not, if you like good food or have a good palate then you will love the delectable delicacies Lucknow has to offer. Tunday Kababi, Bismillah-ki-Biryani, Royal Cafe ki Basket Chaat, Chowk ki Malai Lassi, Aminabad ki Makkhan Malai and Radhe-ki Malai Gilori are to name a few.

After all this is done, on the last day, head back to whichever Lucknow hotels you are put up in, have a nice proper dinner, jot down something for your travel log and get a good night’s sleep before you head out next day feeling satisfied that you made the best out of your stay in Lucknow.

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