How To Share Good Vibes With Your Sister In-Law?

The relationship between a brother and sister is a very special bond that the outer world will never understand. After all, they both grow together and have witnessed each other’s happiness, sadness, failure and successes. The strong bond cannot be broken just because the brother is getting married. But, the sister can also not be with her brother always like before because he will have someone special now and should be spending his time with her. This can make the sister insecure and sometimes angry towards her brother’s wife. But she must understand that it is all a part of life. Someday even she will be married and will have to go to a new home where even her husband might have a sister. On the wife’s part, she must try and be friendly to the sister in-law to be accepted eventually.


Here are some super tips to dealing with the sister of your husband –

  • While you place an ad for Punjabi grooms wanted, you just cannot mention that he must not have a sister. So, what comes your way must be accepted with open arms. Try to look at sister -in-law as your own sister. Be friendly with her. Spend time with her and get to know her.
  • Never come in between the bond that your husband and his sister share. Let them have their time together. Allow them to go out together for movies, shopping, etc. Their old lifestyle must not change completely because of your entry. This way, she will not think of you as a threat.
  • If the sister in-law is young, help her with her studies and college life. Ask her about her fantasies and tell her that she has a friend in you.
  • Have girly dates with your sister- in -law. Go out spas, shopping, dinner or movie with her. Enjoy her company. Have a good time with her. Think of her as your new friend. Being friends will help your relationship a lot more than being sister in-laws.
  • If your sister in-law is married and is in another city, stay connected with her. Talk to her on the phone at least rarely if not regularly. She will visit you only in holidays and special occasions, so take good care of her and her family while they are visiting. You can also plan vacations together to have a wonderful time as couples.
  • Have double dates with your sister-in -law and her husband along with you two. A different place and setting other than the home will help you have a good time and enjoy the company. Talk about other things than home, such as music, food, work or politics. Anything other than about home will be just fine.

We hear of many saddening news about marriages being ruined because of too much interference from the in-laws. While being a part of your brother’s life not a sin, every sister in-law must know that the newlywed couple need their own space and should be left on their own to create their small world. Any interference will be considered as breaching of privacy.

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