How Time Changed From Joint Family To Nuclear And Now What Next?

In past few decades, a very big change came in our lifestyle came regarding relations and family. These days, every relationship even friendship is becoming practical as compared to the previous times when relationship were on first priority. Today, every individual lives only for themselves and not for family. Family is a strong support to every individual in several forms such as emotionally and financially. But we realize that when we are in bad phase of our life.

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In previous times, we use to understand family as a place where grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins all are staying under one roof with love and affection but now-a-days, this love has vanished from our lives and everyone had started living their lives according to their own terms and conditions. A joint family was a reason behind happy and enjoyable life. In Happy Joint Families, each and every decision regarding the family is taken by the elders of the house which is actually a good thing because they are more experienced then us they can judge all the pros and cons of any situation better than us.


Contrary to it, if we look at it from a different perspective, then joint family is a major hurdle in advanced lifestyle because elders in family such as grand parents often have the habit of pointing out on every different thing happening in the house. In today’s lifestyle, young generation never tolerates the interference in their life, they always want to live life on their own terms and conditions, and this all ultimately leads to fighting in between the family members. Today time is changing very rapidly we don’t let anybody to take decisions for our life we believe it’s our life we will make decisions and live accordingly.


Eventually, good cooperation and sacrifices at some levels is important and should be done for a happier family throughout the entire life. In any family, trust and brother-hood is mandatory and this thing develops love and affection in the hearts of every family member towards the remaining ones. Everyone in family deserves respect whether a kid or the eldest person of the family. An ideal family is understanding and lovable without having any kind of hatred feelings about any other family member. Adjustment plays a very important role in staying like a family be it’s a joint family or nuclear family everybody needs his own space we should at-least provide that space to everybody, interference in any body’s life should be prohibited. Last is you need to be very friendly with your family members so that in case of kids they don’t hide things from you and get misguided by society or peer group in case of adults if you are friendly to them spending good time with them they will not feel lonely at home and trust me with my personal experience spending a friendly time with your family is a very good stress buster and helps you in staying united.

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