How Long Does The Average Whiplash Claim Take?

Whiplash claim times vary from case to case. Whether you decide to file a claim for compensation on your own behalf or take on the services of a law firm like UK Claim Lawyers, the time it takes to successfully process a claim is largely determined by the lawyers representing the company to which a claim is made against. You might think that this is simply a way of avoiding paying out, but the truth is the company a claim is made against has a right to investigate the case and the more complex it is, the longer the process will take.


If the road traffic accident goes smoothly and liability is admitted and the value of the claim is not contested then your claim could be completed in a month or two. But if liability is not initially accepted or the value of the claim is contested then the claim could take a lot longer to complete.

In almost all whiplash claim cases and other road traffic accident claim cases, you can realistically expect your claim to take no more than 12 months. Where cases do extend beyond 12 months, this will likely be because the party a claim has been made against has not admitted liability or has contested the value of the claim usually on more than one occasion and as a result of this, the other party will be carrying out further investigations.

How to lower the amount of time a whiplash claim takes

The best way to lower the amount of time a whiplash claim takes is to have all of the necessary documents and information relating to your claim at hand. The lawyers for injury such as whiplash that we use are specialists and know exactly what information will need to be presented. By providing everything needed, you are greatly reducing the possibility of the other party not admitting liability or contesting the claim amount. Whiplash claims are notoriously difficult to challenge if a doctor has provided a certificate as a result of a medical examination – this is a key document that the other party will be looking for and if it is not present, the other party will have a strong case to challenge your whiplash injury. Remember, you may need to have more than one medical examination.

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