How Electronic Cigarettes Helps In Breaking Chain Cigarette Smoking Addiction?

The government has taken various initiatives to aware people about the fact that smoking is injurious to health and people should quit it as soon as possible. Chain smokers find very difficult to quit smoking immediately as they are habitual or even addicted to it. There are many withdrawal effects if the person quits smoking immediately. Many companies have been doing various innovations and finding new ways to help people quit smoking. The electronic cigarette is one of them. They are amongst latest innovative products in the market that helps the person to quit  smoking.

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Positive traits of using electronic cigarettes

When you see electronic cigarettes and the traditional cigarette it is difficult to identify which is the real one and which is artificial one. The e-cigarette also emits smoke which is artificial smoke but here the unique thing is that there is no tobacco contained in the cigarette. In case of the e-cigarettes the user can get the feel of an original cigarette as they can be inhaled and nicotine vapor emitted is not harmful to the health. In case of the traditional cigarettes the smoke is harmful to the user and also the people around him. In fact the passive smoking is more injurious than active smoking.

The electronic cigarettes contain a cartridge of nicotine which has liquid nicotine from which the nicotine vapor is emitted. When the user starts smoking the cigarette, the battery of the e-cigarette is turned on and a small orange light is seen on the tip of the cigarette. This provides a feel that the person is smoking an original cigarette. Once the orange light is on a small amount of nicotine liquid is converted into the vapor.

The nicotine liquid in the electronic cigarettes is made up of propylene glycol, nicotine and various types of flavorings. The main content of the liquid is nicotine is the one which satisfied the cravings of the person to smoke. There are various strengths of nicotine cartridge available in the market namely – high, medium and low strengths. One can buy the cartridge as per the requirement of smoking.

Ingredients of electronic cigarettes kit

The electronic cigarettes have a basic starter kit which contains the following:

1 Electronic cigarette lithium Ion standard battery which has a standard normal capacity. The battery which is available is manual or automatic.

There is 1 Portable wall charger for charging of the e-cigarette.

You also have 1 USB charger which the person can use to charge the e-cigarette with the help of the computer USB.

The e-cigarette kit also contains 5 nicotine cartridges.

The kit also contains 5 packs of electronic cigarettes with the required choice of strength of the smoker and also the required flavor of the smoker.

There are various types of kits available in the market– they are Premium starter kit, Ultimate starter kit and Ultimate Plus starter kit. There are various flavors available they are – classic tobacco flavor, cool menthol flavor, vanilla flavor, cherry crush flavor, coffee creation flavor and peppermint party flavor.

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