Have you heard about the most debatable topic? Yes, your guess is right which one is better Galaxy Note 5 vs. Galaxy S6? Both the Smartphone have won a lot of appreciation due to their captivating features. A comparison between the two is actually not an easy job, to help you out let’s contrast Galaxy Note 5 vs. Galaxy S6.


  • Size: The Note 5 an enormous build, say 7% taller than Galaxy S6. It is also 7% wider than Galaxy S6. Galaxy S6 is thin, about 11% thinner when compared with Galaxy Note 5.
  • Weight: Out of the two light weighted Smartphone, Galaxy S6 is lighter; when comparing GalaxyNote 5 Galaxy S6.
  • Build (frame): The identical designing could be seen in both in firm aluminum frame.
  • Build (back): The two Smartphone at the back have Gorilla Glass 4. The Galaxy Note 5 offers a comfortable grip because of its falling off slope present on the either sides.
  • Colours: Only black and white colour option is available at present in case of Note 5.
  • Display size: In a comparison between Galaxy Note 5 vs. Galaxy S6, a bigger display screen is found in Galaxy Note 5, 25% more than that of Samsung GalaxyS6.
  • Display resolution: The two handsets come with super sharp Quad HD resolution. This specific feature makes the appearance of Galaxy S6 pixel dense, yet the appearance of Galaxy Note 5 looks gorgeous due to it.
  • Display type: Both Smartphone come with AMOLED panels, which help them to win the fame as the handsets with the best display screen.
  • S Pen: Stylus Note taking feature, Pen is found in the Galaxy Note 5.
  • Wireless charging: The two Smartphone have both wireless and wired charging. It is quicker in Note5, but a separate charger needs to be bough, costing US $70.
  • Camera megapixels: Both the handsets have premium camera with features like front camera, back camera Optical Image Stabilisation, easy installation.
  • Processor: Both of these has amazing octa-core processors of 64-bit.
  • RAM: The internal storage is similar; with the only difference that Note 5 has additional GB RAM.
  • Software: These two are preloaded withwonderful Android Lollipop Touch Wiz.
  • Time of release and cost: These two have been introduced in market, the Note 5in August, 2015 and Galaxy S7 in March 2015. The cost of Galaxy Note 5 is somewhat more than Samsung S6 by around $100. The minor changes in the price come from retailer to retailer.

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