Dressing Up Your Guy’s Date Night Look

Ladies, let’s face it. The men in our lives just weren’t born with the fashion gene that makes style so second-nature to us fashionistas. It’s not their fault. But the same way a mismatching purse or a gaudy pair of shoes can virtually ruin your outfit your poorly-dressed man candy can really bring down your whole look as well. To Find an outcall escort in London is not a big deal you can easily find a best escort company. To get your man looking as fierce and fly as you for your night out, listen up for the top five fashion tips for men during spring 2013.

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1. Colors

The same way you religiously pay attention to Pantone’s color report each season, men should also keep up with some of the seasonal color trends designed just for them. Blue is big on the male fashion scene right now, with shades ranging from navy to baby blue. Sharp reds are another big trend for men this season, but if your dude is a bit more subtle, you can probably still talk him into some maroon v-necks.

2. Jackets

Peacoats were a great look for winter, but now that the weather’s warming up, your guy needs a more comfortable top layer. Military coats are a major trend for men this season, and they offer a light cover-up to help him style an outfit without being too warm. The structured design of military jackets can maximize his broad shoulders and give him an ultra-seductive masculine quality that will make you want to keep him close!

3. Scarves

I’ll admit, when I first saw the scarf trend for men I thought it bordered a little too close to metrosexual. But the look can actually be pretty polished and masculine when you do it right. Although your own scarf collection might be as colorful as a rainbow, you’ll want your man to stick with subtler tones like grays, beiges and blacks. Try to keep these scarves as low-key as possible by tucking them into the breast of a jacket for a hint of elegance and texture without sacrificing subtlety.

4. Suits

I don’t care how inappropriate it is for the occasion, I love me a man in a suit. Men these days don’t dress up like they used to, but little do they know, it’s one of those things that drives the ladies wild. A full suit for a nice evening out is always appreciated, but for a more casual affair, have your guy wear a nice pair of mens jeans, a t-shirt or button up and a suit coat for a simple, yet sophisticated style.

5. THE Accessory

Unlike the girls, men can’t really get away with piling on accessories. However, that doesn’t mean your man can’t have fun with a little bling from time to time. To add the perfect finishing touch on top of a simple outfit, make sure your man has THE accessory for his look. Typically, this means a stylish watch, but feel free to experiment with cuff links, ties, a stand-out belt or even a nice pair of glasses/sunglasses to give his look that extra edge.

Lucky for men, having a style-savvy girl around takes a lot of responsibility off of them to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Even though they would probably be wandering around in a t-shirt, jeans and (horror of horrors) a pair of dirty sneakers without us, they can easily be polished up My Fair Lady style with just a few shopping trips. Keep these trends in mind for your spring shopping adventure, and don’t forget to splurge on yourself while you’re at it.

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