Different Types Of Methods For The Treatment Of Varicose Veins

Large numbers of veins are found in human body. These are all meant to supply blood, oxygen as well as nutrients to all the body parts and organs. Under certain conditions, veins of the body may undergo some health issues. Out of these varicose veins is one among the most common problems relevant to the veins. It is a condition under which veins become knotted or enlarged. Varicose veins are most commonly found in legs and feet. Problems of circulation of blood may be responsible for the occurrence of this problem in most of the cases. It is really a discomforting condition which is full of pain and hence need to be treated appropriately.

Here are some of the most common and effective ways of varicose veins treatment:

  • Non-medical ways of treatment- It implies the person affected with varicose veins is required to pay attention to some points so as to reduce the severity and intensity of pain. Also, it aids in improving blood flow to the enlarged veins. It may involve some sort of exercises and be avoiding tighter clothes. At the same time, you need to lose weight too and avoid standing and sitting in the same posture for long time periods. Elevation of legs for some time also helps in easing the symptoms of varicose veins. Use of compression stockings also helps in relieving this condition to great extent.
  • Use of injections- Medically, it is called as sclerotherapy and involves use of the solution for injecting small or medium sized varicose veins. In this process, the varicose veins are scarred and closed so that the same may fade away ultimately. It is also an easy way of varicose veins treatment.
  • Stripping of veins- In this process, a long vein that is compressed or enlarged is removed through small slits. In this process, the normal circulation of blood is maintained as deeper veins remain unaffected in this process.
  • Surgery– It involves use of laser technique so as to perform the surgery. Obviously, high intensity and high-speed radiations are used to close the varicose veins. Although it is also considered to be a surgical process however it is free of any incisions or cuts. The veins closed through laser surgery fade away and offer great relief to the sufferer.
  • Use of endoscopy for treatment of varicose veins– This type of varicose vein treatment is to be used in case the problem becomes severe and unbearable by the sufferer. In this process, a thin video camera is used to visualise the enlarged veins and close the same. The veins thus closed are then removed with the help of small cut.
  • Skin punctures for varicose veins treatment– It is known by the name Ambulatory phlebotomy in medical science. In this process, the varicose vein is removed by puncturing the skin in a series. In this process, the part from where varicose vein is to be removed is numbed.

These are all the chief treatment options used for varicose veins treatment as per specific requirement of the customers.

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