A Charming Galaxy S7 Having The Performer’s Knack Is On The Card

This New Year is going to be special for the Samsung fans. The manufacturer has decided to surprise fans a bit early with Galaxy S7. It means the product is expected to be hitting the shelves by April this year. No doubt, the device is already in a lot of fuss. Hence, without making any delay, let’s have a complete detail about the updated features that the Galaxy S7 is going to carry.

Galaxy S7


Samsung is known for not being effusive when it comes about changing in design. On this context, the Galaxy S7 is also anticipated to be a completely different stuff in looking, especially comparing with its predecessor. Offering the due respect, there is every chance for the company to pay the due respect to the growing demands of the fans for a curved edge.

Well, the most attention dragging part this time is going to be about the strength of the device. To make sure the product doesn’t find a single scar, the Korean giant has decided to go with Turtle Glass protection, which is said to be even tougher than the much known Corning Gorilla Glass. Reportedly, Galaxy S7 might also be packing an alloy frame for a better durability.

A much enhanced display

Coming to the display, maximum chances hold for the manufacturer to stick with the traditional size convention. It’s a good idea to repeat with something at which the users are already happy, especially when it’s about something like size. In short, a 5.1 inches AMOLED display is pretty much on the card having a 4K resolution. Keeping the size intact and hiking the resolution certainly promises for a lot enhanced picture quality. Especially, the interest is expected to grow many folds while watching the videos.

However, it would be interesting to enjoy the clash with iPhone 6S. Galaxy S7 and iPhopne 6s collide is pretty much impending. And, buzz is that the Cupertino has decided to go with 3D touch panel with the blend of Clearforce technology for its iPhone 6S. The product is expected to be even interesting for the gaming bugs through the process. In addition, the technology is able in introducing additional options on the display, making the scrolling a way lot soothing for the users as well; and there is every chance for the Galaxy S7 users to be enjoying these features.


All the top ranked manufacturers like Samsung have been quite serious about the performance of their devices. For a top notch contender like Galaxy S7, it is quite obvious for the most compliant processing units to be packed. However, the surprise this time is that Sammy might be going with three different editions of Galaxy S7 this time, in terms of processor. In comparatively promising markets, it is expected to be playing with Qualcomm Snapdragon unit. The other two editions are expected to be Exynos 7422, and Exynos 8890, for the comparatively timid parts of the globe in terms of demands for the product.

Anyway, the rumour mills are never off duty in terms of coming with something eccentric. Believing the sources, the upcoming Galaxy S7 from Samsung might be running through the Snapdragon 820 processing unit.

The details gathered so far about the device [Galaxy S7] certainly makes it an adorable stuff. Having the prompt release date it’s certainly going to be a treat for the fans

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